US Bank v. Isaac Nuncio Brown, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Matthew Greene, et al., foreclosure.

Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Kirstie D. Garza, indebtedness.

Discover Bank v. Anna Cochran, breach of agreement — contract.

Discover Bank v. Joyce Hill, breach of agreement — contract.

Saber Acceptance v. Kyle l. Wahnee, breach of agreement — contract.

Regional Acceptance Corp. v. Charles Spangle, et al., indebtedness.

Credit Acceptance Corporation v. breach of agreement — contract.

Ally Bank v. Jennifer D. McNulty, replevin.

Ditech Financial v. Christa Scott, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage v. Ryan Eads, foreclosure.


Trenton R. Minietta, 21, and Savanna N. Olson, 18.

Coby W. Nunley, 24, and Whitney K. Young, 23.

Aaron A. Casey, 21, and Paige N. Cromwell, 21.

Stacy L. Kinney, 30, and Amy N. Sanders, 29.

Jaed G. R. Rivera, 19, and Katrina E. S. Molina, 20.

Matthew B. Shaw, 24, and Morgan P. Holman, 21.

Donald E. Burris, 57, and Esther M. Gonzalez, 56.

Christopher C. Gusman, 46, and Crystal H. Zabala, 36.

Julian L. Scott, 33, and Katrina M. Holguin, 31.

Justin L. Thacker, 30, and Maureen A. West, 37.

Tommy L. Lemons, 35, and Brett A. Mielke, 32.

Matthew K. Casey, 30, and Kendall S. Jones, 25.

Tyler L. Thompson, 21, and Julie D. Teal, 23.

Jerome S. Hackworth, 40, and Dedrick L. Thomas, 20.

Tyler J. Robinson, 21, and Erin N. Wilson, 20.

Willis K. Vasquez, 38, and Candy L. Brown, 49.

Kenneth Cramer, 36, and Krista L. Ammon, 35.

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