Lakeview Loan Servicing v. John R. Ramirez, et al., foreclosure.

Catherine W. Crisp v. Jahcina Ramos-Bargas, et al., Tort-personal.

Discover Bank v. Jackie E. Littrell, indebtedness.

Troy Capital v. Johnny Garcia, indebtedness.

CACH v. Norberto Cooper, indebtedness.

Sarah Parker v. Jane Beth Ellis, auto negligence.

Jack Botkin v. Jane Beth Ellis, auto negligence.

John Wesley Layton Mills, et al., v. Bank of Oklahoma, breach of agreement — contract.

International Bank of Commerce v. Joan Graves, foreclosure.

Jeffery T. Stuckey v. The State of Oklahoma, et al., expungement.

Selene Finance v. Charles L. Smoley, foreclosure.

Colonial Savings v. Lowell Jones, et al., foreclosure.

Aaron Malloy v. Janet Landrum, auto negligence.


Robert L. Laws, 25, and Jessica M. Burns, 23.

Tirron R. Tate, 32, and Shawanda C. Coppage, 36.

Brittany N. Cameron, 30, and Adela Judiscak, 28.

Thomas A. D. Escobar, 24, and Samantha R. Rodriguez-Alfaro, 24.

Peter J. A. Rodriguez, 27, and Milyangelie Kuilan, 25.

Donald E. Henderson, 57, and Yolanda Chandler, 45.

Lance K. Brantner, 40, and Lacinda J. Leitch, 35.

Michael J. Allen, 24, and Melissa A. Garcia, 25.

Dayton W. Yarbrough, 26, and Katherine M. Pratt, .

Trager A. Kviten, and Filippa Fotopoulou, 23.

Dennis A. Dunn, 30, and Raven D. Binford, 26.

Anthony R. Galarza, 24, and Nhi Ngoc Dang, 22.

Paul G. Anderson, 60, and Sherri M. Ebert, 59.

David M. J. Frank, 33, and Courtney N. Edmond, 28.

Matthew L. Voeller, 45, and Angela B. Clair, 47.

Enoch N. Nath, 20, and Nikeita N. Webb, 30.

Jesus F. Gomez, 28, and Yessenia G. M. Sanchez, 27.

Heath E. Hofferber, 22, and Olivia L. Lafont, 21.

Zane S. Hearn, 21, and Kayla G. Ash, 20.

James B. Wiyninger, 44, and Crystal R. C. Wiyninger, 43.

Jermain C. Murphy, 32, and C’Marah G. D. Baleto, 25.

Kenneth L. Randle, 32, and Andrea E. Koehler, 33.

Dakota B. Lokey, 25, and Julee L. Simmons, 20.

Jonathan W. Morrison, 34, and Danielle M. Shaner, 33.

John A. Martinez, 20, and Kailey S Lackey, 20.

Jonathan L. Odom, 21, and Paula L. McClain, 20.

Trager A. Kviten, 24, and Filippa Fotopoulou, 22.

Maxwell D. Anderson, 20, and Corsara Vantine, 22.

Jim M. Deatherage, 66, and Vickie L. Ferrari, 64.

Keith S. D. Penney, 24, and Angelique N. Smith, 22.

Christian D. Lloyd, 23, and Alvina M. Mountain, 35.

Kaleb D. Bain, 27, and Brittnie T. D. Murrow, 27.

Eammon M. G. Tanner, 26, and Sydney T. Geils, 23.

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