Absolute Resolutions v. Gregory Turrieta, indebtedness.

Carrington Mortgage v. Thomas Rhines, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Renea Marcelina Jones-Hudson, et al., foreclosure.

Lakeview Loan Servicing v. Roxie L. Oberly, et al., foreclosure.

Jesse Meddler v. Jiaying Zhu, negligence, general.

U.S. Bank v. Waldo L. Felton, et al., foreclosure.

609-Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Dakota L. Montgomery, indebtedness.

Board of County Commissioners of Comanche County, et al., negligence.

Cavalry v. Darrell Rossiter, indebtedness.

Tiffany M. Holloway v. Stefan John Gerace, et al., auto negligence.

Wise Funding v. Madison Trucking, et al., breach of agreement-contract.

Quicken Loans v. Richard E. Nelson, et al., foreclosure.

Navy Federal Credit Union v. Dale Butler, indebtedness.

Rapid Masonry Supply v. Steve Rich Enterprises, breach of contract — contract.


Sebastian J. Gracia, 24, and Collene D. Espinoza, 24.

Kevin D. Lankford, 55, and Marianne Calhoun, 54.

Brian F. Lehew, 33, and Jenette A. Taylor, 22.

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Edward A. Muniz, 23, and Karley R. Patterson, 22.

Chase T. Southerland, 30, and Andrea G. Nobert, 28.

Nathan A. Beadles, 32, and Rachel M. Williams, 37.

Cole J. Basham, 23, and Emilee I. Barrett, 19.

Daniel L. Jones, 25, and Brittany A. Bermingham, 24.

Eduardo J. Gomez II, 23, and Monica M. Garcia, 26.

Manfred Colmenero, 54, and Catherine S. Gray, 41.

Bryce M. Lapham, 23, and Danelle L. Dughman, 24.

Matthew E. D. Sanchez, 33, and Catharine C. Reilly, 36.

Jarred P. Faske, 27, and Tempest K. Monetathci, 24.

Alec S. Orellana, 21, and Brianna M. Nordhues, 23.

Mykol A. Wells, 27, and Mellisa M Barrios, 30.

Christopher L. Urso, 32, and Leah J. Stump, 28.

Ryan K. Logsdon, 30, and Madison N. Bean, 23.

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