Deutsche Bank v. George Hubert Mitchell, et al., foreclosure.

Ally Bank v. Nicholas Andrew McElroy, replevin.

HSBC Bank v. Christopher St. John, et al., foreclosure.

BOKF v. Brian S. Schaeffer, et al., foreclosure.

U.S. Bank v. Scott M. Moore, et al., foreclosure.

Demetrio Recio, et al., v. Brandon-Lee Del Castillo, et al., friendly suit.

American Express National Bank v. Walter Webster, et al., breach of agreement — contract.

Christine Ball v. Juanita Chaput, auto negligence.

Bank of America v. Charles E. Wade III, breach of agreement — contract.

Origin Bank v. Lisa N. Blair, breach of agreement — contract.

Wells Fargo Bank v. William S. Liggins, et al., foreclosure.


Danny F. Corris, 31, and Sarah A. Yoast, 35.

Austin L. Witte, 23, and Betsaida L. C. Sotelo, 24.

Jeremy T. Travis, 25, and Jessica M. Ware, 36.

Donald R. Tharp Jr., 47, and Leslie A. Trent, 44.

Trenton R. Ulrich, 28, and Celeste J. Hodges-Jones, 31.

Ryan R. Wilkerson, 28, and Susan Y. Rumsey, 30.

Bryce T. Pendleton, 33, and Jocelyn A. Santiago, 31.

Jeffery C. Watkins, 45, and Misty D. Robinson, 42.

Patrick M. Allen, 58, and Tammy L. Talavera, 52.

Joseph D. Lindsey, 26, and Hannah K. McKinney, 25.

Trenton J. Ford, 26, and Alexis M. Delguidice, 22.

Thomas J. Mansfield III, 20, and Christine N. Villines, 22.

Matthew D. Shatwell, 25, and Cadese S. Moore, 25.

Matthew E. Aneki, 31, and Kerry J. Kincade, 33.

Dominique R. Eichelberger, 28, and Alissa M. Lewis, 21.

Donnie M. Clark Jr., 41, and April D. Bostik, 41.

Brett H. Binns, 22, and Ashley N. Webb, 20.

James P. Gochenour, 29, and Amanda L. Shaw, 27.

Devyn C. Montoy, 20, and Madeline M. Kinney, 19.

Bryan G. Ickes, 19, and Kara R. Hunt, 20.

Michael N. Akwetey, 28, and Celine Nyamle, 22.

George H. Duggins II, 55, and Kimberly K. Cash, 60.

Aaron M. Trevino, 31, and Kaylinn A. Kidd, 32.

Kevin D. Wolfe, 40, and Kasi R. Bell, 30.

Douglas E. Jones, 51, and Laurie-Anne Ward, 37.

Daniel B. Konsor, 23, and Brittany M. Bennett, 22.

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