Regional Acceptance Corporation v. Kristal Zazueta, et al., indebtedness.

Branch Banking and Trust, v Frankie Stiles, et al., indebtedness.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation v. Wanda M. Sorrells, et al., foreclosure.

Tammy Doering v. William Guthrie, auto negligence.

First National Bank v. Ross H. Wallace II, et al., foreclosure.

Capital One Bank v. Jon L. Sieber, indebtedness.

Midfirst Bank v. Angie S. Washington, et al., foreclosure.

U. S. Bank v. Bertha Lucille Mabry, et al., foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services v. Allen Sawyer, et al., foreclosure.


Christian J. M. Lopez, 22, and Flora J. D. Jordan, 22.

Julian L. Metcalf, 25, and Courtney R. Hayes, 24.

Jacob P. Andrews, 25, and Sienna E. Gomez, 23.

Jason E. Augusta, 38, and Lindsay M. Davis, 39.

Jonathan D. Keck, 60, and Cathy L. Hampton, 46.

Logan R. Bernhard, 31, and Adrienne M. Phare, 28.

Mihir J. Patel, 25, and Britney N. Yates, 20.

James R. Beck, 42, and Corinna J. Callaway, 43.

Michael H. Grigsby, 55, and Carol J. Buckner, 61.

Donald S. Levick, 41, and Erin F. Amezquita, 37.

Diego I. A. Herrera, 24, and Yasmin F. Chavez, 20.

Kaytlyn A. Clark, 26, and Lindsey J. Comer, 24.

Lisa R. Myers, 35, and Johnna E. Mahaffey, 24.

Austin T. Wilson, 21, and Dora M. Causey, 22.

Michael V. Carriker, 20, and Amanda J. Martin, 22.

Qwenton D. Dingman, 21, and Haylee M. York, 21.

Nathan J. P. Jackson, 29, and Tania D. Thrash, 27.

Dennis R. Coble Jr, 34, and Mindy S. McDowell, 38.

Wyatt B. Huffman, 23, and Shelly B. Griffith, 22.

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