Specialized Loan Servicing v. Guadalupe Ramirez, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Charles L. Hight, et al., foreclosure.

Ally Financial v. Alton McMullen, et al., indebtedness.

Ally Financial v. Jason Basham, et al., indebtedness.

Saber Acceptance v. Krista D. Cochran, breach of agreement — contract.

Arvest Bank v. Eric D. Sharum, et al., breach of contract — agreement.

FSNB v. Raven Sims et al., description of action.

BOKF v. David W. Gorby, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Noah Ellis, foreclosure.

Westlake Services v. Aaron S. Manning, et al., indebtedness.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Mary M. Matheson, et al., foreclosure.

Westlake Services v. Loretia Tunstall, indebtedness.

U. S. Bank v. Dean Leonard Tracy, et al., foreclosure.


Trevor L. Gillespie, 25, and Anne Marie C. Benefield, 24.

Payton T. Rock, 23, and Jessica R. May, 26.

Nathaniel S. Frederick, 33, and Chandice D. Fletcher, 29.

Javier E. Lopez, 48, and Yolanda G. Jaime, 37.

Aaron L. Cox, 47, and Janet E. Goodner, 60.

Alex C. Henry, 23, and Jessica M. Holloway, 23.

Lemarqus L. J. Williams, 38, and Tamara S. Snyder, 33.

Shaun D. Crescent, 28, and Katherine E. Johnson, 28.

Levi G. Nix, 24, and Kayla N. Burgess, 23.

Jared P. Marivani, 34, and Charity B. Westbrook, 34.

Jack C. Hensley, 48, and Jennifer A. Luciano, 24.

Bryan A. Monette, 27, and Cia W. Taylor, 25.

Henry F. Warren, 43, and Destinee D. Akers, 44.

Albert A. Z. J. Borrie, 24, and Savana R. Foster, 27.

Austin W. Rose, 25, and Britnee L. Turk, 28.

Jonathan B. Petty, 38, and Kirsten D. Williams, 34.

Andrew J. Comte, 37, and Sompong Ponyanm, 37.

William R. Terrell, 35, and Elizabeth P. Pflughoft, 31.

Dylan M. Andres, 24, and Carissa N. Hobson, 22.

Mark E. Carrasco, 30, and Kelly M. Burch, 30.

Adrian W. Burrows, 37, and Amber L. J. Jones, 26.

Adolfo J. Rodriguez, 34, and Tania dM. D. Vazquez, 22.

Brandon P. Ehlers, 20, and Cheyenne R. Bresely, 20.

Candra A. McGee, 32, and Meagan R. Easley, 39.

Brandon S. Quaile-Messersmith, 29, and Valeria L. Smith, 41.

Daniel M. Garrison, 34, and Marina N. Elliot, 32.

David J. Everett, 28, and Candice R. Velez, 31.

Michael B. Poe, 23, and Kirsten M. Diaz, 21.

Logan B. Thompson, 24, and Lauren A. Caine, 25.

Jonathan E. Thomas, 27, and Mohna M. Scott, 29.

Ethan J. Casner, 19, and Arianna S. Crowd, 19.

James Champlin, 49, and Christina L. Hatch, 73.

Robert C. Crosby, 41, and Melanie A. Short, 58.

— Compiled by Grace Leonhart/staff

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