Civil Suit and Marriage Licenses for Nov. 10, 2019

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The Bank of New York Mellon v. James Robinson, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Chad Leonhardt, et al., foreclosure.

BOKF v. Kimberly A. Brown, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Dana K. Underwood, et al., foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Michael A. Morrow, et al., foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing v. Beverly L. Perry, et al., foreclosure.

BOKF v. Manuel Vega, et al., foreclosure.

Eugenia Tims v. Alberto Talavera, description of action.

Timothy John Marsh v. Emily L. Esquer, et al., auto negligence.

Midfirst Bank v. Clyde W. Elam, et al., foreclosure.

Amerihome Mortgage v. Melissa Horn, et al., foreclosure.

Freedom Mortgage v. Anthony Santangelo, et al., foreclosure.

Quality Property Management v. The Way Christian Fellowship, et al., breach of agreement — contract.

Synchrony Bank v. Sonia Flores, indebtedness.

Cascade Capital v. Mark Lawrence, indebtedness.

Tammi Gregory v. Independent School District #8, breach of agreement — contract.

Lakeview Loan Servicing v. Alicia Beckmann, foreclosure.


Aaron C. Lawniczak, 33, and Jessica Warner, 37.

Martha M. Marquez, 37, and Cyn-Naara McKay, 28.

Joshua M. King, 38, and April I. South, 32.

Jacob P. Allen, 20, and Hollie J. Babel, 19.

Shane L. Anderson, 32, and Amrish S. Tomagas, 29.

Billy J. Worthington, 24, and Kensey M. Garrison, 22.

John M. Clayton, 22, and Brooklyn M. Rodgers, 20.

Paul D. Mosley, 40, and Michelle L. Nix, 41.

Eric D. Dennis, 30, and Morgan S. Sanders, 30.

Mason R. Payne, 21, and Josie M. Garza, 20.

Chance J. Bonner, 39, and Marc T. McCoy, 21.

Douglas R. Brown, 77, and Qing Su, 35.

Jordan T. White, 25, and Mary K. Clemmens, 25.

Nicholas S. Garrison, 26, and Hannah M. Wigington, 25.

Neal A. Hubbard II, 35, and Angelica M. R. Ferrand, 34.

Michael N. Keas, 57, and Kathy J. Woodward, 55.

Miguel A. Cruz, 24, and Natalie B. Esley, 23.

Raymond O. Slaughter, 63, and Belinda J. Roberts, 63.

David T. Paullin, 23, and Jenessa J. Fredde, 23.

Rodney D. O. Abueva, 25, and Sarah N. Lundy, 24.

Allen B. Tedrick, 30, and Olliea M. Thorp, 22.

Benjamin D. Thompson, 23, and Mikayla A. A. Baker, 19.

Narciso E. Gonzalez, 52, and Nancy Garcia, 47.

Kyler S. Newton, 26, and Jessica R. Penland, 30.

Fikayo S. Ariremako, 25, and Chima M. Mark-Ihemerendu, 18.

Carmine Amore IV, 65, and Jana M. Cope, 65.

Kerry D. Netusil, 239, and Devon B. Hamilton, 23.

Sayvon H. Stubbs, 26, and Rhonda E. Roundtree, 47.

Enrique M. R. Saldana, 37, and Nadiuska Rivera, 38.

Aaron P.Ferguson, 42, and Charise M. May, 39.

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