Catherine C. Makk, et al., v. Unknown Heirs of Opal Mae Carter, quiet title.

United States Automobile Association, et al. v. Ethelynn Marie Cheek, auto negligence.

Progressive Northern Insurance Company, et al., v. Oler J. Adams Jr., negligence, general.

OU Federal Credit Union v. Tyler Michael Mazyck, indebtedness.

Jefferson Capital Systems v. Merle Gaither, indebtedness.

The City of Lawton Oklahoma v. CPD Holdings, et al., breach of agreement — contract.

Midfirst Bank v. Christina Dowling, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. William J. White, et al., foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services v. Tony Cappiello, et al., foreclosure.

Pioneer Services Midcountry Bank v. Fatima Rivera, breach of agreement — contract.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Lance X. Latiolais, et al., foreclosure.


Daniel M. Powers, 23, and Ashley N. A. Rivera, 21.

Ryan Gregory Rhines, 38, and Meadow M. Gregory, 37.

Gabriel A. L. Short, 21, and Jennah L. L. Johnson, 20.

Darrin L. Pahdocony, 36, and Misty N. Irvin, 45.

Bo Ellis, 24, and Anna L. Y. Fagnidi, 30.

Jack D. Tiger, 43, and Amy R. Wermy, 38.

Luis A. M. Noriega, 60, and Lisa M. Hill, 48.

Gary Wayne Mortell Jr., 47, and Jacklyn J. Ingram, 35.

Andrew H. Outlaw, 34, and Brianna D. Jones, 24.

Fernando Mendoza, 35, and Norma J. M. Trejo, 27.

Ronnie R. Watkins, 31, and Maria C. Ramirez, 30.

Rolando S. Reyes, 35, and Kelly M. Mitchell, 39.

Charleston J. Brown, 27, and Michelle D. Brown, 24.

Rashaan M. Scruggs-Williams, 24, and Morgan M. Deland, 21.

Desmond See, 26, and Aileen L. Wang, 26.

Christian B. Schoener, 21, and Kasey L. Acker, 20.

Javier R.Gutierrez, 49, and Jessenia R. Lugo, 30.

Juan J. Martinez-Mendez, 47, and Maria D. L. A. C. Rodriguez, 46.

Francisco E. Jimenez, 25, and Cindy Cisneros Villarreal, 27.

Johnathan Q. Nix, 27, and Rachel L. Fox, 37.

Kevin S. P. Smith, 24, and Latasha N. Crawford, 30.

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