Civil Suits

21st Mortgage Corporation v. Eric S Frentz, replevin.

Bayview Loan Servicing v. Ian M Jefferson, et al., foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services v. Michael W Pleasant Jr, et al., foreclosure.

21st Mortgage Corporation v. Eric S Frentz, et al., replevin.

Oklahoma Tax Commission v. Jeffrey Preast, application for state tax enforcement.

Edward Hillary v. Untied Services Automobile Association, indebtedness.

21st Mortgage Corporation V. Eric S Frentz, et al., replevin.

Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Damian M Hostetler, et al., replevin.

Navy Federal Cu v. Leroy M Williams, et al., foreclosure.

Absolute Resolutions Investments v. Charles Crutcher, indebtedness.

Bank Of America v. Ronald Lee Daring, breach of contract.

Bank Of America v. Mariela Patton, breach of contract.

Bank Of America v. Natalie L Reagan, breach of contract.

Jefferson Capital Systems v. Zachary Harless, indebtedness.

Carmen Timms v. Lawton Housing Authority , general negligence.

Pennymac Loan Servicesv v. Boldon C Abraham, et al. , foreclosure.

American Express National Bank v. Todd Mikel Family Real Estate, breach of contract.

Bryan Jones, et al. v. Robert Head, et al., damage.

City National Bank and Trust v. Charles Klein, foreclosure.


Timothy Andrew Barnes and Misty Nicole Lucas.

Brice Stewart Boykin and Shelby Lynn Beller.

Jeffrey Patrick Metzger and Nicole Wilson.

George Michael Jones and Breshalla Deeon Clowser.

Isaac Esteban Lopez and Taylor Ryan Martinez.

David Douglas Scholle and Bethany Hope Harmon.

Jared Kyle Fritts and Jennifer Ann Miles.

William C Keenan III and Jenny Marie Hinton.

Matthew Joseph Nerling and Latoya Carletta Moore.

Jacob Michael Masden and Cortnie Payge Davis.

Jaelyn Nicole Davis and Trinity Amil Fletcher.

Michael Lewis Ward and April Michele Long.

Alex Timothy Marois and Carissa Roslyn Grace Ridley.

Ronald Dale Ash and Kristi Suzanne Reynolds.

Kyle Andrew Loftus and Angelina Cherub Baker.

Alvin Walter Peterson Jr and Elanor Gonzalez Davis.

Vanielle Kierra Minei Diggs and Callie Merisha Johnson.

Jesse Lars Erickson and Allison Renee Wolff.

Don Mark Hoffman and Rebecca Jean Fulton.

Dravin Chase Martin and Jani Jo Riebold.

Jordan Taylor Manka and Rosemary Lorraine Olvera.

Jesse Lars Erickson and Allison Renee Wolff.

Kristopher Carl Williams and Lindsey Kay Waldman.

Vanessa Weston and Diana Marcela Ochoa.

Andres Camilo Pinzon and Angelica Jalawna Yparrea.

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