Civil Suits:

Wells Fargo Bank v. Lonnie D. Caples, et al., foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Thomas M. Inger, et al., foreclosure.

Quality Enterprises v. Oklahoma Department of Human Services, protective order.

American Express National Bank v. Tahir Muwwakkil, breach of agreement — contract.

Wells Fargo v. Michael Cortez, et al., foreclosure.

Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Katlyn Lee, indebtedness.

Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Charles Young, et al., indebtedness.

Planet Home Lending v. Sheila Pittman, et al., foreclosure.

Navy Federal Credit Union v. Kathy J. Hodgin, indebtedness.

American Advisors Group v. William Rodney Escoe, foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses:

Robert D. Mansel Jr., 29, and Sarah R. Gaines, 27.

Daniel W. Greniewicki, 33, and Mary E. Lile, 37.

Bernd T. F. Knoth, 53, and Karin Vins, 49.

Mitchell T. Smith, 27, and Klynn M, King, 26.

Zachary T. Reynolds, 25, and Brook N. Carlson, 24.

Phillip H. Archilta-Tutstsisah, 20, and Selena A. Onco, 22.

Said Aleman, 22, and Victoria N. Fife, 21.

Randy L. Gardner, 62, and Tammie L. Newsome, 60.

Bobby R. Hurst, 53, and Ladonna J. Hurst, 52.

Christopher S. Glenn, 25, and Lilliann S. Eckhoff, 20.

Steven C. Disney, 32, and Jennifer D. Clow, 30.

Derek R. Ulloa, 26, and Haley A. Cook, 25.

Dakota A. Russ, 21, and Emily F. Harris, 20.

Jessie D. York, 45, and Kelly L. Lunsford, 41.

Destiny D. P. McFarland, 19, and Bailey M. Davis-Grey, 19.

Miguel A. T. Pagan, 26, and Charlene S. Arquiza, 27.

Anthony D. Goolsby, 55, and Paula J. Apoka, 43.

Billy M. Folsom, 72, and Quinnessa A. Peacock, 63.

Billy R. Sanchez, 18, and Cathryn L. Whaley, 22.

Chad E. Briscoe, 37, and Christina C. Valdez, 36.

Peter Z. Garza, 21, and Desiree S. Curtis, 21.

Timonthy E. Graham, 47, and Heather D. Bonner, 44.

Jason D. Simon, 37, and Kandra M. Lane, 42.

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