Ditech Financial v. John A. Dickey, et al., foreclosure.

Navy Federal Credit Union v. Delilah C. Ward, foreclosure.

Matrix Financial Services v.Venice Bibbs, et al., foreclosure.

Arvest Bank v. Apollos V. Thomasian, et al., indebtedness.

State of Oklahoma v. Ryan’s Moving and Storage, garnishment.

US Bank National Association v. Heather M. Nance, et al., foreclosure.

Colonial Savings v. Mandie M. Perdue, et al., foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Byron L. Bailey, et al., foreclosure.

Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Nichlos M. Bush II, indebtedness.

Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Jake T. Robinson, indebtedness.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Kendra Bryant, et al., foreclosure.

Carrington Mortgage Services v. Derrick Toraino Daniels, et al., foreclosure.

Clifton Barnes v. Kendra Adams, personal injury.

Tinker Federal Credit Union v. Christina M. Lopez, et al., replevin.

U. S. Bank v. Deroy Wolf, et al., foreclosure.


Kenswell O. Dewey, 35, and Sasha L. Downing, 35.

Rashad A. Thomas, 37, and Deborah J. Washington, 56.

Kenneth E. Paul, 28, and Katherine M. Winrow, 33.

Keith R. Boos, 54, and Liberty L. Robbins, 28.

Marcus P. Slattery, 28, and Tess P. Klithermes, 25.

Thomas J. Mullins, 59, and Crystal L. Denham, 33.

Gerald C. Anthony, 26, and Ragina L. Hanson, 25.

Dustin A. Robinson, 29, and Kaleesta D. Dobiesz, 27.

Phillip A. Pickard, 31, and Christina L. M. Scott, 27.

Casey A. Love, 22, and Kelsey SL. Northeren, 20.

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