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New role for Ramos

After four years as Geronimo, Lawton native prepares for Costner's new television series

For Rudy Ramos, life is hitting a great stride. Both as an actor and as a man, he said, life has never been so good.

He credits his upbringing in Lawton as a primary reason why he's been able to not only survive, but thrive as new opportunities and adventures open.

"I'm doing fine," Ramos said. "I'm real busy right now."

Ramos spoke with The Constitution before his final two performances of "Geronimo: Life on the Reservation" Aug. 27 at Western Legends Roundup in Utah. After four years of traveling the country performing the one-man show, and following a stop at home to do laundry, today he's in Salt Lake City. He's cast in the upcoming cable series "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner. He called it a rare opportunity made especially sweet following six decades in show business. 

"It's really a good role," Ramos said. "It's good to be on the world stage again."

Ramos said filming for the modern-day Western will feature the American Southwest cinematically on the small screen. "Yellowstone" is slated to air on Spike TV the summer of 2018 and it will be the first production following Paramount Network's take-over of the network. Ramos is booked for two episodes with the option for up to six the first season. 

"This is their first project and it's going to be a real big one," Ramos said. "If I get to do three episodes I'm a happy camper; four and I'm an even happier camper."

Written and executive produced by Oscar-nominated "Hell or High Water" and "Sicario" screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and executive produced by The Weinstein Company, Costner and John Linson and Art Linson ("Sons of Anarchy," "Fight Club"), "Yellowstone" follows the trend of Hollywood talent taking its storytelling prowess to the series format. Ramos said it's become the medium that cuts through most these days. Citing "Game of Thrones," "Sons of Anarchy" and other series' successes, he sees a bright future for the new series.

"I think 'Yellowstone' is going to be a big deal; there's a lot of money behind, it .... it's big time all the way across the board," Ramos said. "I know where I am and what's going on. You know when you're going to be a hit. You know it's going to have an audience. There's no pressure on selling movie tickets, it's cable  you can watch it the first time or you can watch it later (and through online media)."

In "Yellowstone," Costner plays John Dutton, who controls the largest ranch in the United States, according to a synopsis. His foothold remains under constant attack by those it borders: land developers, an Indian reservation, and America's first national park. It is described as representing the best and worst of America seen through the eyes of a family that represents both.

Ramos said his character's a really good role and he shares "a really nice scene" with Costner in the first episode. 

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