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Woodland Hills celebrates life of genuine hero of 9/11

For students at Woodland Hills Elementary, red bandannas were in abundance Monday. They wore them in remembrance of the heroes and people who were lost on Sept. 11, 2001.

Sixteen years ago, many survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York talked about an unnamed man in a red bandanna who calmly led or carried them to safety out of Tower 2. That man was Welles Crowther, a 35-year-old equities trader who was a volunteer fireman as a teen in Nyack, N.Y.  He did not survive, but at least 18 people did.

So why are students in Lawton remembering Crowther and all those who were lost that day and honoring the heroes?

"I organized it three years ago," said Joanne Gaasbeck, library assistant at the school who is from Nyack. She told the school about it and the school purchased the book called "The Man in the Red Bandanna," by Honor Crowther Fagan, Welles' sister.

We want to let the students know "that real heroes don't wear capes," she said, explaining when the students were asked who were their heroes, they said "Superman and Batman."  They learned that those were fictional characters and not real.

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