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Constitution carriers save life, make news

A couple of Lawton Constitution paper carriers are considered life savers after their alert action saved an injured, elderly subscriber, according to police. 

"They're definitely credited with saving this guy's life," said Detective Nancy Lombardo, information officer at the Lawton Police Department. "He was in a desperate situation."

For many elderly readers, the newspaper is their lifeline to the community. An 85-year-old subscriber living in Zone 1 also found a lifeline in Constitution carriers Jed and Shelli Fox, who first noticed signs of trouble around 4 a.m. Wednesday. 

"He's been a longtime customer, since taking over the route (about two years ago)," Jed Fox said. "I saw some papers stacked up on his porch. It was very unlike him."

A retired Lawton police officer, Fox said he looked at the screen door and noticed the inside door was open. He then checked the mailbox and said it appeared to be holding a few days' worth of deliveries. 

These were clues something was amiss, he said. His wife of 16 years, a former police dispatcher, agreed. Looking through the door, the TV was on and the bedroom light was on but the man was nowhere to be found. Fox said he knocked and yelled, "Hey, is anybody in there?" but heard no response.

"For being a police officer, these are always red flags," Fox said. "Combined with it all, I thought maybe an elderly person was in there and couldn't come to the door."

Discussion with his wife led to a call to 911. But the former cop said he personally felt the call to action. That is, until his wife called him back to his senses.

"The temptation, especially having been a police officer, is to check it out," Fox said. "There was enough there to be suspicious and my wife, Shelli, she was up there with me, looking in and tossing around the idea that maybe we should call it in."

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