Junior Isabella Willis didn't know that her love of writing could be turned into a career until she took a journalism class at Gateway Success Center.
That's all folks  at least until playoffs arrive. In the busiest week until high school basketball playoffs arrive next month, county tournaments in Southwest Oklahoma provided plenty of fun-filled action with a multitude of exciting games.
When Darlene Bridges was eating out recently, she did something many women do. She wrapped a chicken leg in a napkin and stuck it in her purse for a snack later. She forgot about it until the next day in church when she opened her purse for the offering, there was the chicken leg.
There is no question that the mind-body connection is real, even if we can't quantify it. Hope is one of the greatest weapons we have to fight disease, according to David Agus. Jacklyn McNeil, licensed professional counselor, quoted Agus when talking about the four principles of Super Aging recently.
She's 16 years old and home alone. It's 11:45 on Friday night. Her phone buzzes and a text screams, "Hey, come out to this party." 
Every day, 13-year-old Lori Cox and 10-year-old Josephina Cox face a challenge that most people do not: blindness. The Cox sisters, who are medically diagnosed legally blind like their father, Joseph Cox, reside in Lawton, and they attend Oklahoma School for the Blind in Muskogee. 

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