DUNCAN  Larry Nickum has been around dogs all of his life, but what the North Texan discovered at Fuqua Park Saturday was jaw-dropping. "I've always had dogs and I've been to some dog shows over the years, but I've never seen nothing like this," said the 44-year-old Wichita Falls resident. "It's kinda like 'Dog Heaven.'"
A teacher new to Lawton High this year was surprised when she found out she couldn't reserve a set of Chromebooks twice a week to teach her students using an online reading course.
The $7.5 million portion of the proposed $99.5 million Lawton Public Schools' Student Investment Program bond is focused on student and instructional technology for the schools. 
Contractors will gear up this week for work on an east Lawton arterial, while an Interstate-44 interchange program has been delayed just a few weeks, rather than postponed.
When you're in a blimp, there is no "flyover country." If you're in a passenger jet at 35,000 feet doing 500 mph, the ground is a patchwork of green and brown and blue with all but the largest features merging into an indistinguishable mosaic.
With the opening of her exhibit Thursday, J. Nicole Hatfield is taking "A New Path From an Old Direction," both as the name of the showing and for her personal journey. For her, art is the best medicine.

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